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Art online – Welcome to, the one of a kind art portal

Buy and sell art online! is a one of a kind art portal, in which artworks in a wide variety of styles and themes are presented and offered for sale. At the same time, artists have the opportunity to have their artworks curated by experts and – pending a positive judgement – sold on the platform. Buying art can often end up being a real challenge – with however, you can buy your art easily and without complication online. For people interested in original art, visiting galleries is not always very easy or successful: The offer can be confusing, the true intentions of the gallery are not always clear or perhaps the idea of what is actually required is a bit vague. An interest in art can be quickly lost thanks to the above. However, the buying process can be so different when art is purchased online.

Art online – let the art wash over you in peace.

Buying artwork online can be a real alternative for art lovers. presents expertly curated original paintings from well-known artists. Here you will find works in different styles for every budget. is online art de lux: The buyer can pay easily and has a 14 day cooling off period. It gives buyers the possibility to make their first steps into the art world if a novice or if an experienced art lover, then they have the possibility to discover a pool of well-known and unknown artists. Very important: the quality. A team of artists, professors and art experts curate and examine the artworks before they go on sale, meaning you only get the highest quality.

Helpful service for the undecided

At we aim to meet the individual taste of the potential buyer. Thanks to the five questions the preferences of the individual can be identified and analyzed with suitable artwork then displayed. The scientific algorithm behind this was developed especially for A very helpful tool for the undecided – buying art online using this method makes things significantly easier.

Also an important platform for artists

Selling art online – that is also possible here. offers artists all over the world a platform, on which they can present and sell their works. The artist values their own work, are paid fairly and are not tied to a certain gallery. Before the artist’s work can be shown publically, it is loaded up to the website and examined by the expert curation team. Once it is approved, it is then ready for sale and there are no extra fees or costs that are levelled at the artist. Another further advantage here is that carries out all the marketing and sales organization, so that the artists are able to fully concentrate on their work.

Original paintings – Available online with is a digital platform where artists and art lovers from all over the world can network and connect with each other. This is a tremendous advantage for both sides. Transparency, high quality and security for both the buyer as well as the seller are of the greatest importance. This is the reason the portal is popular from all sides: Even as the portal was founded it boasted a range of more than 1,500 pieces of art – a vast selection, which simply cannot be found at the majority of galleries.